19 hr

PZ Hallaar


'Vrije Basisschool Hallaar' conducted by Lore Vertommen & youth fanfare 'De Berthoutbengels' conducted by Lorenz Havermans.

Music story written by Margo de Ley, told by Pommelien Thijs, sung and played by the children from the primary school of Hallaar and youth band 'De Berthoutbengels'.


That Wednesday Santi leaves for school by bike, as always. But he is not in his place in the classroom that day. Did he run away from the math test? Was he kidnapped, as Santi's mummy fears? His friends find a note in his school desk saying "HELP". A clear sign that Santi is in danger! They investigate and gather at Santi's house to look for further clues.

Admit it... you want to know more about this, don't you?


Schouwburg - CC Zwaneberg